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Eye gel: help for dry eyes

Dry eyes can be torture. Lubricating eye gels help to relieve the symptoms of dry eyes and to restore well-being. Gel-type eye drops are particularly good against severe symptoms.

A ruptured tear film leads to dry eyes

The symptoms of dry eyes manifest themselves through itchiness, burning, redness and a sensation of having sand in your the eye. The reason is that the tear film, which protects the sensitive surface of the eye, can no longer completely cover it. Without enough of a moist protective layer, the eyelid rubs with every blink along the cornea, which can produce irritation and even minor injuries. On top of that, the lack of moisture means that the cornea and the conjunctiva are no longer supplied with nutrients and oxygen, which encourages the development of the typical symptoms of dry eyes.

An eye gel offers intensive lubrication of dry eyes

An eye lubricant can noticeably alleviate the symptoms. Eye drops usually suffice for mild to moderate forms of dry eyes. But someone who suffers from severe symptoms can turn to a viscous gel or gel-type drops. These are characterized by an increased concentration of lubricating ingredients. This produces a highly viscous solution which adheres extremely well to the surface of the eye and provides long-term lubrication. The eye gel not only replaces the missing fluid, but forms a protective film on the surface of the eye. With every blink, the eyelid slides over this film whereby irritation is relieved and the burning, itchy feeling becomes significantly better.

HYLO GEL® eye drops

HYLO GEL® contains a high concentration of hyaluronan, which has outstanding water-binding capacity. It also provides long-lasting lubrication of the eyes and helps to relieve irritation. Despite its almost gel-like consistency, HYLO GEL® easily forms drops and in no way whatsoever impairs vision. There are also no preservatives or phosphates because they can damage the cells of the surface of the eye. The patented COMOD® multi-dose prevents the eye drops from being contaminated.

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