The HYLO® product family is the No. 1 in Germany when it comes to dry eyes. The eyes are our most important sensory organ and give us unique moments every day. That is why the health of your eyes is especially important to us!

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The HYLO® products at a glance

Advantages The advantages of HYLO® products

The long-chain hyaluronic acid contained in the eye drops of the HYLO® product family ensures high viscosity and long-lasting lubrication of the eyes. All eye drops of the HYLO® family are offered in the practical COMOD® system and thus do not require any preservatives or phosphates. This makes the HYLO® products particularly well tolerated and, on top of that, very economical! This is because the special pumping system prevents contact between the solution and the surrounding air and only releases one drop with each pump burst. A package content of 10 ml is sufficient for at least 300 drops of the same size. Since the liquid is packed airtight, the eye drops are sterile after opening for the application period of 6 months.

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Our Vision Your trusted companion for the care and health of your eyes

As a forward-thinking and innovative company, we are continuously developing our HYLO® products - under the highest quality standards and always at the cutting edge of medicine and technology. We now offer a comprehensive 360° range of products for dry eyes. Itching, burning, redness - HYLO® has the right product to treat every problem. Whether for occasional lubrication or for severe complaints with inflammation or damage to the cornea - with our HYLO® products you get all-round care for your eyes, from a freshness kick to intensive care. Whether you are gaming, working at your computer screen every day or travelling: Products from the HYLO® family accompany your eyes through everyday life!

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History The HYLO® success story

In 1974, the four pharmacists Albrecht Holzer, Dieter Trox, Werner Buxmann and Werner Bernhard from Saarland founded the company URSAPHARM with the aim of producing eye medicines in Germany. Since 1993, the eye drops have been bottled in the innovative, practical COMOD® system, which guarantees sterility even without the addition of preservatives. With the introduction of HYLO COMOD® eye drops in 1999, the foundation of the HYLO® success story was laid. HYLO GEL® is even the first medical product for eye lubrication in dry eyes to be classified as prescribable in German history.

Cooperation Strong partners

Since 2017, URSAPHARM has been the official partner of FC Bayern Munich with its HYLO® product family. Both partners are united by the careful cultivation of a long-lasting, valuable tradition, the absolute will to innovate, and the passion for performance and quality. Exactly the right combination for a successful partnership - nationally and internationally.

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Other strong partners include darts star Gabriel "German Giant" Clemens and numerous other successful athletes.

FC Bayern Munich

Gabriel Clemens

  • FC Bayern Munich

  • Gabriel Clemens

FC Bayern Munich Partnership

E-SPORTS Our engagement in gaming

Hylo.Sports Our partnerships in German competitive sports

HYLO® International Represented in more than 70 countries

It is not only in Germany that HYLO® products are among the favourites when it comes to eye health. Over the past decades, the URSAPHARM company has grown into a group of companies that now operates worldwide. In addition to the German headquarters in Saarbrücken, the international URSAPHARM network now includes sales offices in the Netherlands, Austria, France, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia and India. On top of that, URSAPHARM products are represented in a large number of other countries through cooperation agreements with distribution partners.

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