HYLO CARE® The daily eye care

EYE DROPS - PIP 03754426 (10 ML) PIP 01632995 (2x 10 ml)


  • Lubrication and protective care for daily eye stress


  • Hyaluronic acid (0.1%), Dexpanthenol

Information Lubrication and care for your eyes

The special feature of HYLO CARE® eye drops is the combination of high-quality sodium hyaluronate and dexpanthenol.This makes the lubricating eye drops ideal for the daily care of stressed eyes and also protects them from drying out due to central heating, environmental influences, computer screen work or wearing contact lenses.

Lubrication and care through the combination of hyaluronic acid and dexpanthenol

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Product Benefits of HYLO CARE® eye drops

The lubricant eye drops make your eyes feel good every day and, when used daily, are suitable for the prevention of dry eyes. Apart from the lubricant sodium hyaluronate (sodium hyaluronate), HYLO CARE® eye drops contain dexpanthenol to help improve lubrication and hereby help the cornea. With this ideally balanced combination, HYLO CARE® lubricating eye drops are outstandingly suitable for daily eye care – even for contact lens wearers, without their vision being impaired. The patented COMOD® system enables easy and precise dosing of the eye drops: one bottle contains at least 300 drops. As the special pump mechanism prevents air from reaching the liquid, the eye drops have a shelf life of up to 6 months after opening. As with all HYLO® products, HYLO CARE® is also free of phosphates and preservatives and is therefore well tolerated.

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May we introduce: HYLO CARE®

At the glance HYLO CARE®

  • In case of a foreign-body sensation, itching or red eyes 
  • Relieves dry eye symptoms instantly 
  • Protects the eyes from drying out and thus cares for the cornea and conjunctiva 
  • Contains 0.1% hyaluronic acid and dexpanthenol  
  • Free of preservatives and phosphates  
  • Can be used for 6 months after opening  
  • Compatible with contact lenses  
  • High yield with at least 300 drops/bottle 
  • Easy to dose in the practical COMOD® system

FAQ The most frequently asked questions about HYLO CARE®

When should I use HYLO CARE®?

Restoring and maintaining the health of the eyes also involves constant moisturisation of the external tissues, conjunctiva and cornea. This function is best fulfilled by our tears. However, it can happen that the natural tears are not sufficient or their composition is impaired. The eye then reacts with redness, itching, a foreign-body sensation, a burning sensation or rapid fatigue. In these cases, it is advisable to apply intensive lubrication to the eye by using HYLO CARE® and thus restore the natural moisture balance.

How do I apply HYLO CARE®?

HYLO CARE® should be dosed individually according to your condition and the recommendation of your ophthalmologist/pharmacist. Generally, you instil one drop into each eye, 3 times a day. The drops are filled in our practical COMOD® system. To make sure that everything goes smoothly, follow these step-by-step instructions: 

Step 1: Remove the cap before use. 

Step 2: Hold the bottle upside down with your thumb on the shoulder of the bottle and the other fingers on the bottom of the bottle. 

Step 3: Support the hand holding the bottle with your free hand. 

Step 4: Tilt your head back, gently pull the lower lid away from the eye with your free hand and trigger the drip mechanism with quick and strong pressure. Repeat the procedure for the other eye. 

Step 5: After use, close the dropper tip again by replacing the cap.

Can I use HYLO CARE® with contact lenses?

HYLO CARE® can be used while wearing contact lenses. We recommend waiting about 30 minutes after inserting contact lenses before using the eye drops to avoid possible incompatibility reactions due to interactions between contact lens solutions and HYLO CARE®.

How does hyaluronic acid help against dry eyes?

Hyaluronic acid exists naturally in the eye and is therefore particularly well tolerated. It has excellent water-binding properties and is therefore very suitable for lubricating the conjunctiva and cornea. In addition, hyaluronic acid also forms a protective film on the irritated surface of the eye. In our HYLO® eye drops, we use a highly viscous, long-chain hyaluronic acid to achieve long-lasting lubrication of the eyes.

What pack sizes are available?

HYLO CARE® is available as a single (10 ml) or double pack. Each bottle contains at least 300 drops, and you can use the eye drops for 6 months after opening.

Where is HYLO CARE® available?

HYLO CARE® is a medical device and is sold in pharmacies. So you can find it at your local chemist or order it from an online pharmacy. Here you will find more detailed information on where you can buy HYLO CARE®.

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