What is special about HYLO CARE®

HYLO CARE® lubricating eye drops are ideally suited to the needs of dry and stressed eyes thanks to the combination of high grade hyaluronan and dexpanthenol. Due to the extra moisture, they care for the surface of the eye and support the healing of damage to the cornea and conjunctiva as well as after operations.


HYLO CARE® eye drops:

  • Lubricate the eyes and care for stressed eyes
  • Can also easily be used with contact lenses without affecting vision
  • Are gentle on the eye because they are free from phosphates and preservatives
  • Can be easily dispensed thanks to the COMOD® system
  • Have a high yield and can be used for up to 6 months after opening

Due to their regenerative properties, HYLO CARE® lubricating eye drops are exceptionally well-suited for treating minor damage to the surface of the eye. For irritated eyes, we recommend using PARIN POS® eye ointment at night time.

HYLO® CARE eye drops
Lubrication and care

VitA POS® eye ointment provides intensive care and lasting protection for irritated, dry eyes and supports the natural tear film with vitamin A. The smooth ointment spreads itself gently all over the surface of the eye so that the cornea and the conjunctiva can optimally regenerate overnight. VitA POS® eye ointment prevents the surface of the eye from drying out as well as the build-up of incrustations during sleep. That way, your eyes feel well rested and protected when you wake up – right from the first time you open your eyes.


Are you eyes dry when you wake up? VitA POS® eye ointment is just what you need!

Quite often, people with dry eyes suffer with symptoms most after waking up: this is because the eyes produce hardly any lacrimal fluid during sleep and there is not enough lubricating tear film in the morning. The eyelids can stick together and the eyelid margins can have crusty remnants on them, which rub on the cornea when you blink, thus causing painful symptoms. Morning problems with the cornea, conjunctiva or eyelid margin can be prevented by using VitA POS® eye ointment the evening before.
People who suffer from burning, irritated or reddened eyes during the day can also benefit from using VitA POS® eye ointment in the evening. Wearing contact lenses, the impact of environmental irritants or working too long at a monitor dry out the eyes. By using VitA POS® eye ointment during your sleep, your eyes can sustainably regenerate and regain their moisture. During the day, the supplementary use of lubricating eye drops is optimal. That way, your eyes are protected around the clock from drying out.


Stabilises the tear film and protects the surface of the eye

VitA POS® eye ointment was especially developed to meet the demands of dry eyes. It contains the ingredient vitamin A (retinyl palmitate) which is also contained in natural lacrimal fluid. VitA POS® eye ointment therefore supports the recovery of stressed eyes.
The ointment stabilises the tear film and spreads like a constant, oily protective film over the complete surface of the eye. The ointment reliably cares for the cornea, conjunctiva and eyelid margins and thus provides lasting protection. VitA POS® is free from preservatives and phosphates, which can adversely affect the health of the eye.

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