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What is special about HYLO CARE®

HYLO CARE® lubricating eye drops are ideally suited to the needs of dry and stressed eyes thanks to the combination of high grade hyaluronan and dexpanthenol. Due to the extra moisture, they care for the surface of the eye and support the healing of damage to the cornea and conjunctiva as well as after operations.

HYLO CARE® eye drops:

  • Lubricate the eyes and care for stressed eyes
  • Can also easily be used with contact lenses without affecting vision
  • Are gentle on the eye because they are free from phosphates and preservatives
  • Can be easily dispensed thanks to the COMOD® system
  • Have a high yield and can be used for up to 6 months after opening

Due to their regenerative properties, HYLO CARE® lubricating eye drops are exceptionally well-suited for treating minor damage to the surface of the eye. For irritated eyes, we recommend using PARIN POS® eye ointment at night time.

HYLO CARE® eye drops
Lubrication and care

Along with moisturising hyaluronan (sodium hyaluronate), HYLO CARE® eye drops also contain dexpanthenol. This possesses moisturising and therefore wound healing properties and so supports damaged cornea and conjunctiva in their regeneration.  HYLO CARE® lubricating eye drops are thus ideally suited for treating minor damage to the surface of the eye caused by a lack of lacrimal fluid, superficial eye injuries or eye operations.


HYLO CARE® eye drops for dry and irritated eyes

Our eyes need to be continually lubricated with lacrimal fluid. This protects the surface of the eye from drying out, allows the eyelids to glide gently over the eyes and forms the first line of defence against germs.
As one gets older, due to taking medicines, through working too much at a monitor or because of an unhealthy diet, the quality and amount of tear film formed can deteriorate. The lubricating film ruptures more frequently and as a result of this, minor injuries and irritants affect the cornea. Surgery can also be a reason for a dysfunctional tear film, which is, however, essential for optimal healing of the wound.
HYLO CARE® eye drops provide outstanding support for dry eyes with minor damage to the surface of the eye. They support the natural tear film in lubricating the eye, give the eye long-lasting moisture and restore the natural protective barrier to the cornea. In so doing, they provide ideal care for problems with reddened and burning eyes.


HYLO CARE® lubricating eye drops with dexpanthenol

The eye needs one thing above all else to be able to heal minor injuries: moisture. This fluid lubrication is also necessary to protect the cornea against new damage caused by drying out. HYLO CARE® lubricating eye drops supplement the natural tear film in lubricating the surface of the eye.
Another benefit: Da HYLO CARE® lubricating eye drops do not impair vision, they are the ideal substitute for eye ointment during the day, as this can often lie over the surface of the eye as an oily layer or stick the eyelids together.
Eye drops used with damaged corneas should be phosphate-free. If that is not the case, there is a risk of corneal calcification (calcium deposits)1, which can lead to an impairment of vision. That is why HYLO CARE® lubricating eye drops – like all products in the HYLO® EYE CARE family – are phosphate-free.

Feuchtigkeit und Pflege durch Natriumhyaluronat und Dexpanthenol

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