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Ectoine eye drops

Alongside products in the cosmetics industry, ectoine is also a firm component in preparations which are used in the treatment of eye disorders. For example, ectoine in eye drops relieves irritation and inflammation by stabilising the watery layer and the lipid layer of the tear film and therefore ensuring optimal lubrication.

What bacteria from sea salts have to do with dry eyes

External living conditions are not always easy – and yet many living beings, whether plants or microorganisms, manage to survive under extreme conditions, even when great heat or strong frost are the challenge. Living beings develop protective mechanisms and aids to withstand these extreme situations. Ectoine is just such a protective substance, formed by bacteria which live in extremely salty waters.

The bacteria can only survive in these conditions thanks to a high concentration of ectoine in the cell plasma. Ectoine prevents the bacteria from losing water and stabilises enzymes, proteins and cell membranes by forming a water-rich protective cover around these structures. These nurturing and protective properties can be transferred to the skin and mucous membranes of humans.

Ectoine in skin care and in eye drops

Ectoine has a lubricating and cell-protecting effect in creams and lotions, but it can also protect the skin from harmful environmental influences such as UV radiation, allergies and fine dust.

In medicine, ectoine is used for irritation or inflammation of the skin or the mucous membranes, for example with a dry nose, allergic rhinitis (hay fever) or for inflammatory skin disorders such as neurodermatitis or psoriasis.

Ectoine in eye drops stabilises the tear film and therefore relieves inflamed and allergic reactions in the eye. Itching and burning in the eye decrease and the overall feeling improves.

Benefit: the eye drops can be used several times a day because ectoine is considered to be very tolerable and undesired side effects, such as burning shortly after application, have only been rarely observed to date.

Our tip: HYLO DUAL® eye drops with hyaluronan and ectoine lubricate dry eyes for a long time and help with irritation and inflammation.

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