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Care and prophylaxis for daily eye stress

Every day our eyes are subjected to intense stress: Air from heaters in the winter or the air conditioning in the summer, glasses and contact lenses, staring at a smartphone or computer - all these stress factors affect our eyes, often daily. For young people, the consequences of this eye strain are usually not immediately noticeable, but in the second half of their lives symptoms of "dry eye" may occur. Permanent therapy using artificial tears then becomes inevitable. It does not have to go that far. Learn here how to prevent "dry eye" from developing.

Eye stress - which affects our eyes every day

Modern everyday life demands a lot from our eyes: Currently, screen usage at work is between five and seven hours a day. More than anything, it is the use of smartphones and tablets, which today accounts for two-thirds of total media time, which continues to burden our sensitive organs of vision. We also sit in offices that are cooled by air conditioning in the summer and heated in the winter. The dry air can dry out our eyes.

Wearing glasses and contact lenses also puts a strain on our eyes. The fact is that using visual aids increases the risk of "dry eye" by 4 to 12 times. There is another eye health stress factor that only affects women: The use of hormonal contraceptives can affect the production of tears and cause eye dryness.

The problem: Payback for this continuous stress usually only comes in the second half of our lives. Then, the symptoms of the "dry eye" can have a massive impact - even if we suffered no or only mild discomfort in our younger years. When we reach 55 to 60 we often need permanent and regular therapy with tear substitutes. For women, this is complicated by the fact that, with the onset of menopause, falling oestrogen levels also cause dry eyes. But "dry eye" is not an inevitable fate - with the right eye care, you can completely prevent it.

Prevention instead of therapy

We play sport to prevent premature wear of our joints in old age. We care for our skin to delay the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. We take vitamins and calcium to prevent osteoporosis.
It is only our eyes that we leave to themselves in the years of greatest stress. Preventative eye care in the form of moisturising and/or nourishing drops can ensure that "dry eye" (Sicca syndrome) does not develop at all or not for a very long time. When troublesome symptoms such as itching, burning sensation, foreign body sensation, redness and pain can be avoided, it has a great impact on our of quality of life And that's easy to implement - as easy as brushing your teeth every day, so that we still can have a strong bite tomorrow.

HYLOCARE® Moisturising Eye Drops, thanks to the combination of high-quality hyaluronic acid and dexpanthenol, are ideal for the care of stressed eyes. Preventative daily use of HYLOCARE® eye drops keeps the surface of the eye well-moisturised and allows the cells in the cornea and conjunctiva to regenerate. The eye drops are especially gentle on the eye as they are free from phosphates and preservatives. More than 300 drops are contained in one vial, and HYLOCARE® eye drops can be used for up to 6 months after opening. With just a few drops a day, "dry eye" can effectively be prevented.

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