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Use of eye ointment: PARIN POS®

Eye irritation can have different causes. Environmental impacts like wind, dust, air-conditioning units, direct sunlight and extended activities such as working at a monitor or driving a car can all lead to burning and itchy eyes. These are often accompanied by a sensation of dryness or of having a foreign body in the eye. The eye ointment PARIN POS® protects the surface of the eye and improves the tear film. The feeling of burning, itchy or irritated eyes is thus relieved and the eyelids can easily slide over the cornea and conjunctiva.

General instructions on the use of eye ointments

As a general rule, eye ointments should always be applied with clean hands. It is imperative to avoid touching the eye or the skin with the nozzle of the tube. Before the first application, make sure that the tube is intact. Only use the eye ointment if the tamper-evident band on the sealing cap is not broken. After screwing off the sealing cap, tilt your head slightly backwards, pull the lower eyelid a little away from the eye and place a small line of ointment in the conjunctival sac by lightly squeezing the tube. It is not necessary to fold or roll the tube to extract the eye ointment. Once you have applied the ointment, slowly close your eyelids.

If PARIN POS® eye ointment is used during the day, vision is temporarily impaired because of the oily consistency of the ointment. During this time, on no account should you drive any vehicle whatsoever or operate machinery. It is best to apply the ointment in the evening before going to bed. If you also wish to lubricate your eyes without restrictions during the day, a choice of eye drops is available from the HYLO EYE CARE® range.

PARIN POS® eye ointment should not be applied at the same time as other eye medication and eye drops. In these cases, the eye ointment should be first administered around 30 minutes after the eye medication or eye drops have been applied. If a further eye ointment is to be used, there should be a gap of at least one hour between both applications.

If there is a known hypersensitivity to one of the components, PARIN POS® should not be used. The eye ointment should also not be used while wearing contact lenses.
Eye ointments should be kept at room temperature (15 to 25 degrees centigrade) and can be used for up to six months after opening. They should not be used after the expiry date.

PARIN POS® eye ointment: dosage and special instructions

Follow your eye doctor’s instructions when administering PARIN POS®. The dose is based on individual symptoms and lifestyle. PARIN POS® can supplement the daytime use of lubricating eye drops and is then normally applied once a day before going to bed. If you feel that you need to use PARIN POS® more frequently, you should consult your eye doctor. Although there is no restriction on the length of time it can be used, you should consult an eye doctor if the symptoms do not improve (within one week).

PARIN POS® is a sensible supplement to a daytime therapy with the heparin-containing HYLO PARIN® eye drops.

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