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HYLO EYE CARE®:  all ingredients at a glance

Eye drops are available with a wide variety of ingredients which are all different in their mode of action and their area of application. One can quickly lose track. In order to help with finding the right medication, we have made a table for you of the ingredients used in HYLO EYE CARE® products.


Mode of action

contained in

particularly well-suited for


Hyaluronan is naturally present in the eye and therefore is particularly well tolerated. It has excellent water-binding properties and thus lubricates the cornea and conjunctiva. In addition, hyaluronan forms a protective film on the irritated surface of the eye.


mild, temporary symptoms mild to moderate forms of dry eyes severe symptoms after eye operations


Dexpanthenol, also called provitamin B5, has water-binding and therefore lubricating properties. Because of this, it supports the healing of stressed skin and mucous membrane.


mild to moderate forms of dry eyes a damaged surface of the cornea


Euphrasia, also known as eyebright, has been used for centuries for treating non-specific eye complaints. The extract of the meadow plant soothes reddened and inflamed eyes.


mild, temporary symptoms


Heparin moisturises and so supports the healing of recurring superficial injuries.


mild to moderate symptoms chronic corneal disorders


Ectoine surrounds itself with a thick shell of water and so relieves inflammatory and allergic reactions. In addition, it stabilises the tear film and alleviates characteristic symptoms such as burning and itching.


mild to moderate symptoms with unstable tear film inflammatory and allergic reactions


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