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Eye lubrication with HYLO® EYE CARE

The products in the HYLO® EYE CARE family were especially developed for the treatment of dry eyes and are perfectly coordinated with one another. So, depending on the severity of the eye symptoms, there is an ideal products for everyone. HYLO® EYE CARE supplies the natural tear film with moisture and relieves the symptoms caused by dry eyes.

What is special about HYLO® EYE CARE

HYLO® EYE CARE provides individual support for dry eyes. However, all products focus on high quality, good tolerability and ease of use. All pharmaceuticals in the HYLO® EYE CARE family are free from phosphate buffers, which can cause damage to the eyes in certain cases. In addition, they have a high yield and a long shelf life.


Because all eye drops from HYLO® are packed in our innovative COMOD® system, they are protected from contamination by germs and therefore remain sterile for six months after the pack has been opened. This means that HYLO® products do not need preservatives of any type.

An introduction to HYLO® EYE CARE products

The HYLO® EYE CARE products range provides systematic eye lubrication. The HYLO® EYE CARE range has the right eye drops for you depending on the degree of severity of the lubricating disorder and the symptoms.

For mild symptoms of dry eyes: HYLO® FRESH

HYLO® FRESH eye drops are the products of choice for mild, occasional symptoms of dry eyes. HYLO® FRESH offers natural refreshment for stressed, tired eyes.

For treating moderate symptoms: HYLO COMOD®, HYLO® CARE, HYLO-PROTECT® und HYLO PARIN®

The market leader HYLO COMOD® is ideally suited to supporting the tear film when treating mild to moderate symptoms of dry eyes.


Along with hyaluronan, HYLO® CARE eye drops contain the ingredient dexpanthenol. Therefore, HYLO® CARE provides eye lubrication and also encourages healing of damage to the surface of the eye.


HYLO-PROTECT® is particularly recommended where dry eyes are attributable to an unstable tear film and the lubricating disorder is accompanied by inflammatory and allergic symptoms. Along with hyaluronan, HYLO-PROTECT® eye drops also contain the added bonus of ectoine.


HYLO PARIN® with added heparin provides optimal care for irritated cornea and conjunctiva. HYLO PARIN® eye drops lubricate the eyes and support regeneration.

For severe symptoms of dry eyes: HYLO® GEL

For very severe symptoms of dry eyes, HYLO® GEL provides long-lasting and intensive support for the tear film. For certain indications, HYLO® GEL can also be prescribed by the doctor.

Supporting your eyes during sleep: the eye ointments VitA POS® and PARIN POS®

In addition, HYLO® EYE CARE offers the right care and protection for night time: the eye ointments VitA POS® und PARIN POS® are ideally suited for use during sleep.


VitA POS® eye ointment with vitamin A provides your eyes with night time protection against drying out and also improves the tear film.


PARIN POS® eye ointment with heparin supports irritated eyes and protects and treats the surface of the eye as well as the eyelids.


Thanks to the comprehensive HYLO® EYE CARE products range, dry eyes get all-round and individual treatment: during the day, they support the eyes with appropriate eye drops and at night time, with the right eye ointment.